Sunday, October 13, 2013

A Little Here And A Little There...

I'm having a bit of trouble juggling my school pages AND the blog.  I am encouraged to share as much as possible through school however, I really can't let my hair down and give my personal viewpoint quite as easily as I can on the blog.  So, decision made....I am keep both.  I will do my best to post weekly a little nugget of some sort.  I am going to post a little slideshow that I made about our recent trip to Deanna Rose Farmstead & Pumpkin Hollow.

It was a beautiful crisp, fall morning and the farmstead was in tip top shape.  The kids enjoyed the goats, the pigs, and the bison.  The pedal tractors and the barn slide were favorites. After eating sack lunches in the corrals the afternoon warmed up at Pumpkin Hollow.  The children were able to choose a small pumpkin from the field, play games set up and ride a barrel train.  I know that they all enjoyed it but two afternoon favorites were the hay ride with those beautiful HUGE horses and the corn tubs.

The kids were wonderful, each and every one of them and the adults were so helpful.  I have put just a few of the pictures taken on our school page under Kindergarten.  You can get there from HERE.  Also don't forget to check out the slideshow.