Saturday, March 30, 2013

Valentines Day


The kids made their own "costumes" for the musical in February. We painted our own t-shirts and the symbos on the front of each. It was all about being a superhero... and THAT is something my kids know all about! They are superheros!

Monday, March 18, 2013

T Shirts That Crack Me Up!

I love this "freedom on speech" theme on T-shirts these days. I try to take pics of them and want to dedicate a whole collage to showing them off. Here are just a couple of the latest...

You Didn't REALLY Think I Would Let This Go...Did You?

Brought To You By The Letters K U!

Teaching The Kids To Write With "VOICE"

We are always told to teach the children that it is important to write creatively and from the heart... write showing your personality and "voice". I think this picture shows just that! Too funny! Such a sense of humor!

Where To Begin...

I have been so negligent about posting on my blog! I can't believe it. I have pictures everywhere, ideas of what to write about and yet, very little time to do so. I think the best way for me to do this is to start with the PRESENT...keep moving forward and interject little bits and pieces of things from our days gone by. Soooo.... here goes! We returned from our spring break bright and early and all with stories to tell...even me! There was NO teaching a lesson until I have had time to set down and listen to their stories. So we spent a good amount of time this morning doing just that! In fact, I was so busy listening to stories and passing around hugs that I completely forgot about our early morning assembly until Mrs. Unruh sprinted down the hall to get us! We managed to sneak in the back door of the gym and sit quietly in the corner for the remainder! Whew! Thanks Ann! I received a couple of spring break pictures that I thought I would share. And yes Kids, I had to go meet Nakita and Berlin myself. So wish you had been there with me! Some great adventures!