Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Party Like It's 1985....

Loved that sign but must admit she wasn't even born then! 
 I am so glad that my kids love sports as much as I do!
Notice it IS a house divided when it comes to baseball!
My daughter, Sarah, and her boyfriend Joe, At Kauffman Stadium for the wildcard game.
Royals vs A's

Drip Dry

Well, we had to "put the laundry out to dry" only once thus far this fall.  It was a horrible downpour with lots of lightening and I felt like I did as a young mom getting the kids out of their wet clothes and sitting with them curled up practically on top of my lap during the thunder and lightening.  I loved it!!

Earth Balloon

We had a very cool visit from the Earth Balloon recently.  The balloon was made up of satellite images of the world!!!  The kids actually got to go inside and see a different view.  They  We were in awe!

Ahhhh.... College Sports.... Let The Games Begin!