Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Highlights from Red Ribbon Week... Oct. 2012

Here We Are..... REALLY!

I have been so negligent posting on the blog. I am sorry for that. I will be posting many things to get caught up! BUT FIRST... Gotta start with the most recent event in our world - the 50th day of Kindergarten! We followed a 50's theme and had a terrific day. We did a lot of math activities, including patterning, counting and tallying, and making an edible bracelet from 50 Fruit Loops. We played with hula hoops, tried our hand at bubble blowing (which was pretty adorable) and we, of course, enjoyed ice cream sundaes and my personal favorite.... a sock hop! What fabulous parents I have, getting their kids all dressed up for this. The slideshow is in the sidebar and I hope that you enjoy it. Share it with your friends and family. It is sure to put a smile on the their faces.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Very Exciting News...

Hello all! My name is Michelle Mulfinger and I will be spending the next eight weeks in your child’s classroom. I recently finished working in second grade for the past eight weeks and I really enjoyed teaching them but I am excited for the next chapter. I am ready to learn more about Kindergarten and what all that entails. This summer I graduated, got married and moved to Lawrence. I graduated from the University of Northern Iowa in May with my bachelors in Elementary Education and a minor in Literacy Education. I got married to my husband Dylan who is getting his master’s in Public Administration at KU. In my free time I enjoy shopping, reading, playing sports and baking. I hope to get to know your child well throughout the next few weeks and to learn all that I can.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My Little Wounded Birds...

After a long weekend and lots going on in this quaint small town we all came dragging in to class on Monday morning. Notice I said "WE" because I felt the same way! Two of my little darlings clearly had VERY exciting weekends, and not in a good way! Two children returned to class with broken bones. I am so proud of you two. Neither one has wasted a moment of their precious time whining or complaining! They are tough little people and it is just another picture for their scrapbooks!