Monday, July 7, 2014

THANK YOU USD 289 Board Of Education!

They did it!  Basically they approved the purchase of 5 tablets per classroom for student use to help with enrichment, remediation, and interventions as well as research, communications and reinforcement!  I am so very proud to be associated with USD 289.  This Board has clearly shown me on many occasions, not just for this, that they CARE.  They have the kids in mind and want to help us prepare them for their BRIGHT futures!  THANK YOU BOARD MEMBERS!

Having said that I must also point out that without my absolutely unbelievable parents - ALL,  we would not have had the "fire" needed to ask for those tablets.  I started two Donors Choose projects this past year that were completely funded in record time.  I was actually told that by the Donors Choose rep.  This gave our classroom 4 Kindles and cases which the kids and I adore!  THANK YOU TO MY TERRIFIC PARENTS!  I hope I carried YOUR enthusiasm forward and your children will continue to benefit.

It is going to be ANOTHER terrific year in USD 289!