Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Kids & Their Kindles

We are loving our donated Kindles.  My only regret?  That I don't have one for EACH child!  Right now we have them all set up with the same apps, I need to learn how to adapt these and integrate them too!  I have researched and discovered it is important to start with only a few app options.  We have a handwriting app, Math (addition) app, Reading (sight words) app, and the app that I subscribe to called One More Story, a talking library (lots of wonderful books).  The kids are all pros with them and I am very proud of how they are handling them.  We discussed a few rules before we started.  In small groups we learned a bit about the tablets and the apps that I have on them.  We also know a few apps from using them on the Promethean Board.    I knew they would be great with them and the Kindles would be terrific.  I love my Kindle Fire HD at home.  Once we get comfortable with the tablets and the apps I can starting giving suggestions for home. I noticed that lots of kids have access to a tablet.